Directional Drilling Contractors in Queensland

Directhitt was established in 1995 to provide and promote a better understanding of the uses of Trenchless Installation techniques to the construction and utility industries. Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for providing cost-effective and successful horizontal drilling solutions for Government and communication providers.

Specialising in time-sensitive and technically complex geological engineering projects, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive solution for your underground needs. At Directhitt, we guarantee a high quality of workmanship on every project we step foot on.


Our dedicated team of Service Installers

Our positive reputation stems from our experienced team of well-respected service installers. Our workers are dedicated to performing a high standard of work and strictly follow all safety practices. We have skilled drilling and support teams who are experienced in working in varying ground conditions and can operate in the softest silts through to the hardest rock formations. We're committed to the successful completion of your project, whether that’s trenching, drilling, or non-destructive digging.

We handle Environmentally Sensitive projects

Our team also specialise in environmentally sensitive projects. We use environmentally sound chemicals and minimise protentional damage to the environment by using our recycling systems. Through our environmental processes, we also reuse valuable resources and limit wastage. We offer environmental solutions with our various drilling rigs suitable for every situation.


We create sustainable and cost-effective drilling solutions for every project.

We operate innovative Drilling Equipment

We have entered 2020 with sixteen drilling rigs of varying capabilities that enable us to perform small, medium and large diameter bores through all terrain and obstacles. We’ve completed projects that included boring under rivers, creeks, railways and roads. We also maintain a fleet of vac trucks to provide slurry removal and non-destructive digging solutions for all installation projects.


Servicing Australia Wide

We work hard to provide flexible trenching, drilling and NDD solutions for projects across Australia. Locations we regularly travel to include Cairns, Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. However, we travel Australia-wide including:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria 
  • ACT
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania


Contact Directhitt today

Reach out to our team today to discuss your next project. We specialise in highly technical and sensitive drilling work, so if your project requires the utmost precision and execution, we’re the team to assist you. You can contact us by giving us a call or detailing your specific needs in our online enquiry form.

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