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Directhitt provides shore approaches and blind hole drilling services across Australia. We have over 25 years of experience being one of Australia’s top drilling firms that take on complex and environmentally sensitive drilling projects. We have a range of directional drills and skilled drill operators ready to assist with your next blind hole drilling project. Reach out to us today to discuss your drilling requirements.

What are the Benefits of using HDD for a Shore Approach?

By using HDD to construct the shore approach you are totally eliminating the requirement for works to be constructed in the near shore environment. Using HDD allows for the crossing length and depth to be increased, which positions the rig back on level land and also allows the exit to be back beyond the surf zone. The rig will be placed behind the dune system, which can then be preserved to prevent erosion and maintain the existing flora and fauna within the coastal corridor. The exit point is normally selected to provide appropriate conditions for positioning sub-sea structures or providing a suitable transition for the pipeline or cable. The exit location must provide sufficient water depth to allow for safe vessel access and anchoring, as well as diving operations.


What is Blind Hole Drilling?

At Directhitt we have developed a technique which allows us to drill and install cables, screens, pipes, drains, cathodic protection and environmental remediation wells without the need for an exit point. We refer to this technique as blind hole drilling, but it is also known as deep hole drilling. Blind hole drilling offers safe and predictable performance and doesn’t damage underground workings. The holes created by this drilling technique are referred to as blind wells or single-entry wells.

Why is Blind Hole Drilling useful?

The technique of blind hole drilling, where there is only one clear pilot hole drilled, is useful in a range of applications. Some projects that require blind hole drilling include monitor wells, gas extraction wells, environmental remediation techniques and cathodic protection.

1.  Monitor Wells

Monitor wells are holes that are drilled with a smaller diameter into the ground. These wells are used for monitoring groundwater levels and water quality analysis.

2.  Gas Extraction Wells

Blind hole drilling is used to create gas extraction wells. You can frequently see these types of wells in landfills as they’re used to collect the gas that is created as waste decomposes. This method is also used in coal mines to safely lower the gas levels and the risk of explosions.

3. Environmental Remediation Techniques

These wells can be used to nurture the perfect environment for bacteria and micro-organisms that naturally feed on toxic chemicals to multiply, which enables us to speed up the bio-remediation process tremendously.

4. Cathodic Protection

Another useful application for blind hole drilling is the installation of cathodic protection under fuel storage tanks and steel gas mains.

We create sustainable and cost-effective drilling solutions for every project.

Shore Approaches Blind Hole Drilling Across Australia

We offer blind hole drilling services across popular locations such as Cairns, Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. However, we can travel across Australia including:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria 
  • ACT
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania


Contact Directhitt for Shore Approaches and Blind Hole Drilling

Reach out to the drilling contractors at Directhitt today to discuss shore approaches or your blind hole drilling project. We specialise in environmentally sensitive drilling projects that are complex or urgent. So, speak with our team today and we’ll organise a free quote based on the size, scope and specifications of your project.


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