How to minimise the environmental impacts of HDD?

7 September 2020

Horizontal directional drilling or HDD is an environmentally mindful service that we offer our clients across Australia. Environmental impacts of HDD can be minimised before, during and after HDD works on projects. Read below to learn more about how contractors can make their HDD processes more environmentally friendly.

DirectHitt Trenchless Reducing environmental impact

Before HDD work

Prior to commencing HDD projects, contractors can start to minimise environmental impacts. The HDD process involves planning to avoid the disruption and damage of vegetation, driveways and footpaths when drilling the two pilot holes at the surface entry and exit points. When the HDD process is planned well, trees and vegetation do not need to be removed along the boring route, which is an advantage in environmentally sensitive areas.

DirectHitt Trenchless HDD Environmental Remediation

During HDD work

The HDD process requires the use of drilling fluid that can cause environmental damage if it is not well contained. The environmental impacts associated with HDD drilling fluids can be minimised by maintaining fluid circulation. In some instances, fluid circulation may not be feasible or practical to execute, so another way to minimise the environmental impacts is by completing the HDD construction as quickly as possible or keeping the drilling fluid within the boundaries of the project site through the use of pits at the entry and exits points along with fluid handling equipment.

Mud loss is another environmental risk caused by HDD that can be monitored via the mud drilling volumes, pressures, and pump rates to assist in determining if significant mud loss occurs. Mud loss can be minimised by recycling drilling mud and reducing the amount of wasted mud generated during drilling. As well as through maximisation of mud circulation by adjusting mud drilling parameters and mud drilling practices.

DirectHitt Trenchless Mud Recycling Systems and Drilling fluid

After HDD work

Once the HDD work is complete, contractors will spend minimal time restoring the HDD project site to its original condition as the environment undergoes little damage during HDD. The most disturbance the environment experiences during HDD is drilling two pilot holes through the surface as entry and exit points. Drilling fluid runoff may also cause environmental impacts during the aftermath of HDD work. Particularly if drilling fluid is released into water bodies that can impact benthic organisms if sufficient quantities of bentonite settle upon them. Therefore, precautions are put in place during the HDD construction.

DirectHitt Trenchless Reaming Process

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