Who are the best HDD contractors in QLD?

15 September 2020

Horizontal directional drilling or HDD is becoming an increasingly popular underground pipeline service across Australia. Although there are several HDD contractors across Queensland, Directhitt outranks them in the leading position. Directhitt have built their expertise and reputation over time. Scroll down to read more about Directhitt.

DirectHitt Trenchless HDD experts throughout Australia


Directhitt is based in Stapylton QLD and endeavours to promote a better understanding of the uses of trenchless installation techniques to the construction and utility industries. Since its establishment in 1995, Directhitt has gained a reputation for providing cost-effective and successful horizontal drilling solutions. Directhitt offers HDD and consulting, rock drilling, open cut trenching and tunnelling, large diameter drilling, vacuum excavation, environmental remediation, and shore approaches bling hole drilling. They also offer a range of directional drill, mud recycling system, mud pump and vac truck plant hire.

DirectHitt Trenchless HDD Environmental Remediation

Our Exceptional Team

The Directhitt team is dedicated to high-quality installations while following strict safety precautions. Their experienced team members have developed a positive reputation for Directhitt over the years. The team consists of skilled drilling and support workers who work hard in a variety of ground conditions. Directhitt is committed to successfully completing all your projects across Australia whether you require trenching, HDD or digging in the softest earth material through to the hardest rock.

DirectHitt Trenchless Mud Recycling Systems and Drilling fluid

Environmentally Friendly

Taking environmental measures is a top priority for DirectHitt when conducting their underground services. Directhitt specialise in performing environmentally sensitive projects to preserve the environment rather than hinder it. The team uses environmentally friendly chemicals and recycling systems to minimise potential damage to the environment. Directhitt also reuses valuable resources and limits waste through their environmental processes. As a customer, you can trust that Directhitt demonstrates responsibility and professionalism to give you the best project outcomes.

DirectHitt Trenchless Reaming Process
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HDD across Australia

Directhitt provide reliable non-destructive digging solutions for projects across Australia. We regularly travel to locations including Cairns, Toowoomba, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We also travel Australia-wide to offer our services in:

DirectHitt Trenchless Reaming Process

Hire us as one of the best Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors in Queensland

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We create sustainable and cost-effective drilling solutions for every project.

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