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Curtis Island/Narrows project

Directhitt Trenchless' involvement with the QCLNG pipeline, also referred to as the 'Narrows Project' is a testament to the achievements possible by engaging a skilled and experienced team of HDD professionals. This project, a joint venture between McConnell Dowel and CCC (Consolidated Contracting Company) involved the installation of the biggest and longest pipeline in Australian history at the time. 

Within proximity of protected Great Barrier Reef marine park, the most sensitive marine environment in all of Australia, extreme caution was required to execute this project without damaging the local environment. From planning to execution this project spanned multiple years, and after 8 months of HDD work on the ground with multiple challenges arising, Directhitt was brought in to assist McConnell Dowell with ensuring the HDD works were completed on time whilst maintaining the high standards required due to the environmental stakes at play. Directhitt was ready and prepared for the massive challenge at hand.

Over the following 7 months, Directhitt facilitated the completion of all remaining HDD works, working in conjunction with McConnell Dowell on one of the most technically challenging and diverse pipeline projects ever undertaken in Australia.

The installation included four shots, two being approximately 1.5 kilometres long, through sections that were both environmentally sensitive and culturally significant. For this reason, HDD was specifically chosen for its minimal impact on the environment, as the least intrusive technique that would also meet the enormous technical specifications required to complete the project.

The Narrows Project was a world-class installation and a true feat of modern engineering and construction, bringing jobs to the local economy and providing a global export opportunity to Australia. Directhitt was chosen due to our history with large scale high complexity projects, as well as our fleet of Maxi-Rig's being readily available for deployment. Directhitt is proud to have been involved with such a landmark project.


In order to bring greater water security to the people of 1770 and surrounding communities, a desalinisation plant was commissioned by the local councils which required complex and technically challenging HDD services for completion of this utility. More than two years in the making, this project faced repeated delays in completion of the HDD works due to a variety of unforeseen challenges. These obstacles in conjunction with the extremely sensitive environment in which the project was taking place meant that, after two years of construction and multiple failed installations, the final bore was still incomplete leaving the project in a very compromised position with dire impacts for the local community looming. 

Directhitt was approached due to our reputation for completing technically complex and environmentally sensitive HDD works. After consultation with the local council, and taking note of the given complexity of the project, Directhitt used its decades of experience and cutting edge equipment to not only learn from the project failures, but to create a strategy that would ensure the project was completed as professionally and as timely as possible. 

Directhitt leveraged the power of our Maxi-Rig to undertake the HDD works, aided by cutting edge directional guidance systems to navigate the pilot hole along its pre-designed profile of more than 700 metres. The pipe was subsequently welded on land at which point Directhitt engaged marine support including vessels and dive crews to complete the final pull off-shore.

The end result was a perfect execution of the required HDD specifications, with Directhitt completing all works in just 8 weeks, a fraction of the time that had been anticipated by the project managers.

This was not the first time Directhitt had been brought in to finish a job that had become too technically challenging for the original HDD service provider to complete. However, Directhitt was grateful to be able to assist the people of 1770 by deploying our expertise and experience to get the job done.


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Maroochydore Ocean Cable Project

This project undertaken by Directhitt saw our team facilitate the connection of underwater high speed internet cables coming from South East Asia and Guam. Directhitt was chosen for the entire job which included one shore landing in Southern NSW and two landings in Queensland.

Council decided to use the best and latest technology on this project to boost the local economy and took a proactive approach of engaging a contractor, who then engaged Directhitt for all HDD services to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget.

The installation was complex on a number of fronts. Given minimal operational space to drill on a populated beach in South East Queensland, Directhitt had to not only work within a confined area but also ensure that the entire area was protected from any environmental impacts.

Queensland is known globally for its pristine beaches, and Directhitt committed to ensuring that the operation would protect public health and safety throughout the works as well as leave the environment as pristine as it was found. Beachfront residential buildings in close proximity to the site also meant that Directhitt needed to comply with strict noise regulations and windows of operation. Directhitt was proactive in consulting with the community about the works taking place and ensuring that the residents were confident in Directhitt's ability to complete the work within the set parameters.

This project was a great example of private business and Council working together to better the local community, and a display of Directhitt's capability to handle massive logistical and environmental challenges without compromising on safety to complete the job on time.


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