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Maroochydore Ocean Cable Project

This project undertaken by Directhitt saw our team facilitate the connection of underwater high speed internet cables coming from South East Asia and Guam. Directhitt was chosen for the entire job which included one shore landing in Southern NSW and two landings in Queensland.

Council decided to use the best and latest technology on this project to boost the local economy and took a proactive approach of engaging a contractor, who then engaged Directhitt for all HDD services to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget.

The installation was complex on a number of fronts. Given minimal operational space to drill on a populated beach in South East Queensland, Directhitt had to not only work within a confined area but also ensure that the entire area was protected from any environmental impacts.

Queensland is known globally for its pristine beaches, and Directhitt committed to ensuring that the operation would protect public health and safety throughout the works as well as leave the environment as pristine as it was found. Beachfront residential buildings in close proximity to the site also meant that Directhitt needed to comply with strict noise regulations and windows of operation. Directhitt was proactive in consulting with the community about the works taking place and ensuring that the residents were confident in Directhitt's ability to complete the work within the set parameters.

This project was a great example of private business and Council working together to better the local community, and a display of Directhitt's capability to handle massive logistical and environmental challenges without compromising on safety to complete the job on time.

Underwater high speed internet, a shore thing.


Maroochydore Ocean Cable Project

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